An Invitation to Change Your Life – Introduction

Breathe deeply. And relax. Now close your eyes, and see if you can find that feeling inside, that yearning, child-like feeling, that knows, just knows, that there is something better in life than what you are living now. It may occur as a fleeting thought, an opening in your heart, or a full fledged tearfulness, but do know this, however you experience it: This feeling is real. It is not to be denied. And it is something that you can do something about. This feeling is to be honored, for it is your true self asking for a place in the world. So why not give it the place it deserves? 

Perhaps you are reading this because your life has already changed drastically, possibly not even by choice: a job change, an illness, or perhaps a death in the family. Or you have picked up this book because you are searching, wanting the expression of your authentic self, seeking an alternative to a life that was supposed to be fulfilling, but has turned out not to be what you expected. 

Don’t worry. Relax again. All of your experiences have been practice, learning tools, or wonderful experiences that have brought you to where you are today, now, reading these lines. All of your experiences have led to this moment where you can feel hope that maybe this time, finally, you will find the help you have been looking for, the inspiration that will bring you back to the self that used to be happy, the self that knows the reality of joyous energy, but has gotten lost or exhausted along the way. 

This is an invitation to change your life. Really, finally, deeply. In this book, I will show you a new way of living, a way that can be both joyous and terrifying, easy and hard, obvious and confusing, but totally satisfying.  I will show you the signposts along the way, give you the tools to create what you want, and share my personal experiences of living this way.  I want this book to be your inspiration, the influence that finally convinces you to take the next step:  to claim your life, to honor what is inside of you and to create an outer reality that supports you. I want this to be a keepsake, a mini-guide, and a companion to remind you that you are not alone in your yearning. There are others out there who are living the inner life, there are ways to do it, and there is a place for you in this adventure. 

- Heidi L.. Straube, M.Ed.,LPC 

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