Here’s an example of living what I teach….in Greece.

(Click here to see my photos and stories) As part of a major leap in changing my own life, I spent a month in Greece. The only things I planned ahead were my flight to get there, two nights in Athens, and my return flight. The rest of the time I followed my heart: constantly meeting people, and indulging my interests in local music, food, beaches, and culture.  It was a perfect break from all of the scheduling and responsibilities I had lived with for years. I had craved more time to totally dance with the Unknown and go with the Flow…and this was a perfect place to do it. Of course, there were some hairy times; I can tell you those stories later. But do go to my Heido in Greece blog and take note of the stories of the family that invited me on the spot to their Sunday dinner when I stopped to ask for directions, or the goat herder and his mother who shared their sorrow at a son's death, and made sure that I had snacks for the rest of my long drive that evening. These are the experiences that I believe are waiting for us everywhere, if we can only make time to relax, open the space, and allow them in. I'll be going back again (soon!) and will be taking let me know if you're interested!

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